About ECP





The VZW was founded in 2019 because the conviction grew among drivers that cycling and by extension (cycling) sport should be a right for all young people, regardless of their gender or ethnic origin. Cycling has an important social role to play, in addition to exercise and health, sustainable travel or mobility, cycling also has an excellent connecting role to play. This VZW therefore strives to offer opportunities to all young people, with special attention to African young people who do not have the opportunity to cycle due to insufficient financial means and to give the better cyclists among the young people who want to grow in their sport the opportunity. give their dream come true. With this we want to stimulate the further globalization of cycling.

  • Mediation in the search for European teams.
  • Supporting or setting up a cycling team for riders who do not belong to the European Union.
  • Organize training camps.
  • Support of the Africa Rising Cycling Centre in Rwanda.
  • Support of the Gambia Triathlon / cycling team, the Uganda Masaka cycling club & Tropical heat cycling centre, the Rwanda Benediction cycling team & bugesa cycling team.
  • Organizing activities to support cyclists outside the European Union.
  • Inviting riders to internships / training camps in Belgium.